As I was brainstorming what to call my blog and capture as a domain name, I was reminded of a defining moment in my career. In an interview about me, my supervisor at the time described me as having “fearless capacity.” Recently I’ve been thinking again about how that concept applies to me and my work and how I can use it to further my personal and career aspirations.

I’d like to test my capacity and my fearlessness by reintroducing myself as a writer of non-fiction to a broader audience. First the fear part: while I’ve played with building a few baby websites, I’ve not attempted to push the button to publish to what I consider a real audience. I have a lot of learning to do, and I’ll be doing it in public, which is not the most comfortable spot for me.

In addition, while I have a master’s degree in creative writing, my writing has been for a small audience of colleagues and usually on demand – more like technical writing about trends in my profession than creative non-fiction, which is what I’ll be attempting here.

My goal is to write and publish one blog post per month. The topics of these posts will be on leadership, team development and career coaching based on my personal and professional experiences. A key feature of each article will be book recommendations related to the article topic. I expect to learn as I go from comments and the experience and my research to see if this is something I enjoy and that might bring enjoyment to others!