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by Donna R Walker

My journey.

When I first started this blog, and was searching for a name, I was reminded of a defining moment in my career. In an interview about me, my supervisor at the time described me as having “fearless capacity.” Over the past several years, I’ve been capturing my thoughts about what fearless capacity means to me and my work, using this format as a way to further my personal and career development.

I’ve been testing my capacity and my fearlessness by introducing myself as a writer of non-fiction to a broader audience. The journey so far has been enlightening, daunting, exciting and humbling.

My goal is to write and publish one blog post per month. The topics of these posts are intended to be on the topics of professional development, leadership skills, team development, personal development, and work-life integration based on my personal and professional experiences. Since I’m a librarian by trade, a key feature of each article is often reading, listening and viewing recommendations related to the topic.

Like me, this site is a work in progress. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

Disclaimer: My musings represent my own thoughts, ambitions, and learnings. They are not intended to represent my employer or profession. 

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