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40 Days of Thank You’s

It would seem that 40 days isn’t just a superstitious practice that permeates so many cultures, but in fact a period of time that allows transformation…to occur. Rebecca Grainger in The Huffington Post On November 27th, 2015 I took on… Continue Reading →

Training for a Rainy Day

I’ve been through 5 recessions in my adult life if I count the double dip in the early ‘80’s as 2. Life experience has taught me that recessions aren’t rare events, in fact they come and go with surprising regularity –… Continue Reading →

Hold That Thought: Leadership and Self-Discipline

It is not surprising that leaders love to reach for bright, shiny objects. As a rule, we crave new knowledge so that we can try it out and find applications for our customers. This tendency to chase the new sometimes… Continue Reading →

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