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Going to the Show: Tips for Maximizing the Conference Experience

Here are some quick tips I’ve learned along the way to turn conference attendance into a professional development opportunity. Plan Ahead I always have a better conference experience when I’ve taken the time to map out a plan before I… Continue Reading →

Answering our Own Interview Questions      

There are many good sources online and in print for advice about what interview questions to prepare for and the best ways to answer them. Instead, I’m going to focus on what it means for our professional and self-development when we take the… Continue Reading →

Coaching that Sticks: Simple Phrases for the Fundamentals

I like to think I’m pretty coachable. I’ve had many great coaches over the years who helped me learn new skills, hone latent talents, and navigate bumpy transitions. For me, the lessons that landed best were short, easy to remember… Continue Reading →

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