Below is a curated list of films, plays or other visual arts I recommend for a variety of reasons. In one way or another, all are connected to my leadership and personal development journey.

Dolemite Is My Name

Davis Entertainment; Netflix, 2019

Earlier this summer I pledged to explore more Black voices in media and literature. To that end, I am recommending Dolemite is My Name.
When this movie started to play in my family room, I thought to myself, “what am I watching?!” Lots of F-words, which is usually a turn-off for me. But as the movie progressed, I was drawn into the story and characters. Despite the rough language and situations, I was amazed that I hadn’t heard much of anything about this movie. It feels like an instant classic. The characters, the setting, the utter originality of the script give me a happy feeling that lingers long after the final credits.

A Black Lady Sketch Show

Made me smile. Made me laugh. Made me think.

HBO, 2019-

40 Year Old Version

Radha Blank wrote the screen play and directed this gem. Continuing on my journey to educate myself about the Black lived experience and support Black artists, this film was instructive, funny and touching. There were some similar themes to Dolemite – “older” Black artist’s journey to fulfill their personal vision.

Netflix, 2020

Denver Grafitti Tour

While the official tour is on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a valuable 2 hours spent learning about the history, culture and personalities behind street art.


DVD, 2006 

Go see Rent. Measure your life in love. Jonathan Larson (1996). Or rent Rent at your local public library. Caution: “Seasons of Love” is an earworm.