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Ties that Bind: Understanding Patterns in Seeking the Familiar

When I first heard the theory that women marry men like their fathers, I figured it didn’t apply to me. My own father died when I was 2, and the man I married seemed nothing like my stepfather – at… Continue Reading →

Privilege and Access to the Power of Position

This musing is not the usual commentary about privilege and power. There are better sources for a conversation about how being white (which I am), educated (which I am) and middle class (which I am now) confers unearned privilege to… Continue Reading →

Odd Man Out: Speaking up when Everyone Else want to Move On

In what I believe was a compliment, a former boss once told me that I was someone who wasn’t afraid to “put the dead fish on the table.” He is Canadian, which explains a lot. His point was that I… Continue Reading →

I Can’t Hear You: But I’m Still Listening

Covering our ears is a universal human response for blocking out unwanted noise. When we’re children, we literally stick our fingers in our ears, most especially when being told not to do what we’re doing. Yelling “I can’t hear you!”… Continue Reading →

Hold That Thought: Leadership and Self-Discipline

It is not surprising that leaders love to reach for bright, shiny objects. As a rule, we crave new knowledge so that we can try it out and find applications for our customers. This tendency to chase the new sometimes… Continue Reading →

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